Preliminary ILC maps

 (C. Umilta)


This posting shows preliminary ILC maps created with 06 sims. Information on DC06 maps can be found here. There are two different Pole sky masks, and two foreground models. The Chile mask is not shown here because its sims need more careful examination before analysis is performed on them. I create here ILC maps for the first three sims of each set and conmpare them with inpu maps.

For each map set, I compute and store the alm for each frequency, debeam them and use them to compute the weights and the reconstructed map. The computation is done with healpy, and the mask ised in the n2048.fits mask found in expt_xx. Computing and storing the alms is quite expensive (a few Gb per each simulation set) so they need to be deleted after computation.

For each map I show the input and reconstructed ILC map, as well as theire difference. The original map (95 GHz realization) is debeamed in harmonic space, then reconstructed in pixel space using healpy functions. Maps are multiplied by the mask.

Figure 1:
Fig. 1 shows the input and reconstructed ILC map (and they difference) for the first three realizations.

I plot here the spectra of the ILC map and the original map. The original map has been debeamed (I used the 95 GHz realization). The lmax used is 3700. Mask effects are corrected via a simple fsky scaling.

Figure 2:
Fig. 2 shows the input and reconstructed ILC spectra for the first three realizations.

In Figure 3 I show the weights for the ILC in the three different frequencies.

Figure 3:
Fig. 3 shows the weights for the reconstructed ILC.
Figure 4:
Fig. 4 shows the three masks.