BK-style power spectra of 04/04b/04c masks for 00/01/02/03/07/08/09 foreground models

— C. Pryke

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This posting follows from 20180827_bkfinal_04 and shows results for three masks: 04 is nominal 3% circular, 04b is nominal Chile and 04c is Pole (BICEP3 2017).

We show results for all the available foreground models which cover the full sky. These are: Uniform Gaussian 00, PySM models 01/02/03, amp mod Gaussian 07, MKD multilayer 08 (arxiv/1706.04162), and Vansyngel 09 arxiv/1611.02577).

Figure 1Final Pager

Legend for first half of the "Figure types":

Legend for second half of the "Figure types":


bp devs

Note: The contours mark the simulated bandpower in each bin closest to the respective percentile.


sum bp devs


Note: Remember that bandpower is a variance. Hence bandpower error bar is the std of a variance. This means noise and sample fluctuation components straight add, no quadrature — i.e. the difference between blue and red is the signal fluctatution component.

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