BK-style power spectra of 06b.00/07/09 with iterative lensing templates

— C. Pryke

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This posting follows from 20200709_bkfinal_06blt and updates to include iterative lensing templates for two additional foreground models: the 07 amplitude modulated Gaussian and the 09 Vansyngel model - see this post. Note that these lensing templates were constructed using the 95GHz high resolution band only. (Please don't pay attention to the LT auto and cross spectra other than BB.)

One interesting thing to note is the correlation between the lensing template and the high and low frequency bands for models 07 and 09 at \(\ell>200\) - see 270GHz and LT for extreme case. This appears to be associated with the step in the correlation between at \(\ell\sim200\) which is visible in this post. In this post Julien says that he uses E-modes only for \(\ell<200\) and both E and B above. Apparently the reconstructed LT contains a small amount of residual foreground for \(\ell>200\).

The next step is ML searches to determine \(\sigma(r)\) similar to those presented in 20200928_ML_dc06. Traditionally we use bandpowers 2 through 10 - shown in red below. Likely doing this will result in parameter biases due to the residual forground in the LT - which the fit model does not know about. Restricting to bandpowers 2-6 will presumably much reduce such problems but might affect \(\sigma(r)\) - we should find out.

Figure 1Final Pager