DSR Sim Map Set 06 - some spectra and map check plots

2019 Nov 1 - Clem Pryke


The first 10 realizations of set 06 (DSR style) have been generated and are transfering to NERSC. The next step is for someone to run foreground cleaning on the high res bands and produce cleaned maps for input to lensing reconstruction. Delensers are then invited to run their best algorithms on the result and provide lensing templates similar to those which were provided here. These can be taken through to power specra and ML r values similar to what was done here and here.

Spectra plots for "r bands"

In 20191016_dc06_dsr the setup for sim set 06 was described. Here are some check plots of the first realization.

06b is "Pole deep", 06c is Pole wide", 06d is "Chile deep".

We are using two foreground models: 07 amplitude modulated Gaussian dust+sync, and 09 Vansyngel model.

Below are component spectra of the "r bands". A few notes:

Fig 1: "Pole deep"

Fig 2: "Pole wide"

Fig 3: "Chile deep"

Spectra Plots for Delensing Bands

There are six high res delensing bands:

Fig 1: "Pole deep"

Fig 2: "Pole wide"

Fig 3: "Chile deep"

Map Plots

For what they are worth here are some map plots - plotting such small maps leads to heavy pixel aliasing. All have \(\pm\)100\(\mu\)K for T and \(\pm\)5\(\mu\)K for Q/U.

Fig 4: Common full sky components: LCDM and the two foreground models

Fig 5: Noise for the three hit patterns

Fig 6: Combined for the three hit patterns