BK-style power spectra of 02 with ideal lensing templates

— C. Pryke

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Final pager

Sim set 02 contains 100 hi-res maps from which lesning templates can be reconstructed. We can also make an ideal lensing template as the difference of lensed and unlensed sims.

This posting should be identical to 20170623_bkfinal_02.00 apart from the addition of the lensing templates (and also there are only 100 realizations here).

Figure 1Final Pager

Legend for first half of the "Figure types":

Legend for second half of the "Figure types":


bp devs

Note: The contours mark the simulated bandpower in each bin closest to the respective percentile.


sum bp devs


Note: Remember that bandpower is a variance. Hence bandpower error bar is the std of a variance. This means noise and sample fluctuation components straight add, no quadrature — i.e. the difference between blue and red is the signal fluctatution component.

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